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Wulaba Park – Adventure Playground

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    Address: Amelia St, Waterloo NSW 2017
    Size: District
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years), young people (12-25 years)
    Parking: Limited
    Coffee nearby? Yes!


    • Visual art impact
    • Super slide
    • Adventure park
    • Kickabout space
    • WOW factor


    • Public toilets
    • Barbecues
    • Drinking fountain
    Wulaba Park Adventure Playground, Waterloo slide and climbing unit

    The Park

    Wulaba Park is located as part of Sydney’s Green Square in Waterloo. One of the highlights of the park is the colourful art integrated throughout the park by Sydney-based visual artist, Nuha Saad.

    Wulaba Park Adventure Playground, Waterloo

    The feature piece of the park is the super slide at the top of the play tower. To reach the top of the super slide, you’re rewarded for climbing a series of ropes and climbing nets. There are a few solid platforms along the way to rest, but due to the strength and coordination required, the slide is only really accessible to older kids and maybe a few younger, if they’re capable.

    As well as the climbing tower, the adventure playground includes more ropes and nets, swings, tunnels, a generous kickabout space, and table tennis tables (catering to parents too!).

    The park is well considered with facilities, including BBQs, a drinking fountain and toilets to allow you to plan ahead and stay at the park.

    There’s plenty of standard suite seating with armrests and backrests. There is also concrete bench seating throughout the playground, which is cleverly integrated with splashes of colour consistent with the rest of the playground.

    A shade sail covers the bottom of the slide, and carefully placed trees manage to cast shade on other parts of the play space. But a large portion of the park and playground is exposed to sun and does not receive any shade, particularly in summer. The BBQ and picnic area is an example of this. Make sure to bring a hat, cover-up, and apply sunscreen when visiting!

    From an accessibility point of view – the park is flat and finished with hard pavement treatments (pavers, concrete, painted concrete, timber decking, wetpour rubber) making it easy to get around the park. Unfortunately, even though the play space is finished in fantastic bright coloured wetpour rubber, there are few (if any) accessible play options for children in wheelchairs or with disabilities preventing them from climbing.

    A smaller slide, rockers, shop front and/or play panels could have been added to the ground and lower level to increase the play value and reach of this park.

    The park is not fenced and adjoins a pedestrian shared zone that uses the same pavement treatment that is used in the park (which can be confusing!). Due to this – a level of supervision is always required.


    Seeing a first glimpse the play unit in the distance brings instant excitement! The slide and colours throughout the adventure park are fun, unique, and stand out straight away. Once you arrive in the play space, you see that the colours continue through the concrete pavement and softfall rubber too. The park showcases great attention to detail and earns the title of being one of Sydney’s best playgrounds when it comes to WOW factor!

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