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Waterloo Park

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    Address: Elizabeth Street, Corner McEvoy Street, Waterloo NSW 2017
    Size: Local
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years); young people (12-25 years); adults (25-65 years)
    Parking: Timed street parking
    Coffee nearby? Yes!


    • Play equipment
    • Dog off-leash area
    • Outdoor fitness equipment
    • Half-court basketball

    The Park

    At the most-northern end of Waterloo Park, you’ll discover a playground that caters to all ages. The park is also equipped with a basketball hoop and half court, and range of static outdoor fitness equipment.

    The playground is only small but manages to do an excellent job to cater to a range of ages. The embankment slide is the most popular piece, with a hill of softfall rubber the best way to climb to the top.

    Along with the embankment slide is a range of single pieces of play equipment including a basket swing, single cup spinner, social spinner and dual rocker. The whole play area is covered in softball rubber, with areas around impact zones highlighted in different colours.

    The playground caters to older children with the climbing structure. It helps develop physical play skills, as well as climbing, swinging, hanging and sliding.

    There’s plenty of seating provided in the play space with standard seats with armrests and backrests. A seating table is also placed in the seating area. A colourful mosaic retaining wall surrounds the seating area and is a highlight of the playground.

    Next to the playground is a half-court basketball court and outdoor gym. The fitness playground is filled with all static equipment, but it’s a decent size and allows for a range of exercises and stretches. With a range of posts and bars at various heights, this is an ideal spot to train calisthenics, from beginner workouts right through to pro!


    Waterloo Park caters to all ages from toddlers right through to adults. The playground side of the park (north of McEvoy Street) is well equipped with a playground, half court basketball setup, and outdoor fitness equipment. The park continues south of McEvoy Street with sports ovals and a fully-fledged skate park.

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