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Walter Gors Park

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    Address: Howard Ave, Dee Why NSW 2099
    Size: District
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years); young to old people
    Parking: Limited
    Coffee nearby? Yes!


    • Play equipment
    • Shaded picnic shelters
    • Nature play
    • Outdoor fitness equipment
    • Table tennis tables
    • Water play


    • Public toilets
    • Drinking fountain
    • Barbecues

    The Park

    Walter Gors Park is a district level reserve on the Northern Beaches between Dee Why Shopping Centre and Dee Why Beach. The park is full of features that cater to a range of abilities and age groups and includes a playground with water play, nature play, outdoor fitness equipment, table tennis tables, public toilets and shaded BBQs with picnic settings. The park was designed by Landscape Architects at Tract Consultants, with play equipment by Lark.

    Beginning with the playground, the main feature is the lighthouse-theme play unit that’s almost 3 stories tall! To get to the top, you have to climb a series of steps to be rewarded with the twisted tunnel slide at the top. On the ground level of the play unit is a shop front for younger kids and toddlers to practice their imaginative play.

    As well as the main lighthouse play unit, there is a series of different coloured huts to work through. They’re filled with tunnels, climbing nets, bridges, play panels and a slide to interact with. The way these huts are designed facilitates opportunities for social and physical play.

    Away from the play structures, there is an accessible social spinner and swing set (including a basket swing) in the play area. The traditional playground area is partially fenced and covered in fantastic bright shades of ocean blue rubber wetpour.

    Next to the traditional play area is a linear nature play space. It’s made up of good sized tree branches, stumps, rocks and timber steppers with progressive challenges to work through. Grasses and banksia trees border the nature play space and offer more natural elements to interact with. At the end of the nature play area, closest to the traditional play area, is a series of brightly coloured posts at different angles. It’s fun to see the creative ways children use these to have fun!

    The play value for kids doesn’t stop there! A generous water play area with water jets and sandstone blocks has also been designed into the park. A shade sail has been thoughtfully placed over a portion of the water play area to provide protection from the sun. This is an especially popular area on hot days and provides relief from the urban Dee Why shopping strip.

    Older kids right through to the elderly have not been forgotten in Walter Gors Park! Near the water play area, there are two outdoor table tennis tables to make use of, placed in synthetic turf.

    On the other side of the park, off Dee Why Parade, there is an outdoor gym and fitness playground. It’s filled with static equipment with a focus on stretching, exercise and developing motor skills. with the range of posts are bars selected, they facilitate beginner calisthenics workouts, through to advanced. The vibrant orange equipment and softfall rubber mounds continue the playful theme of the park.

    Seating options and furniture have been well considered in Walter Gors Park. There are standard bench seats spread throughout the whole park, picnic settings placed under shade sails, feature brick walls that double as seating and oversized deck sun chairs to choose from.

    Other facilities in the park include outdoor cooking stations with BBQs, taps and sinks under shade, and public toilets. The range of facilities encourages you to stay the day in comfort.

    With so much happening in the park, we should also mention the large, flat grass kickabout space. It’s perfect for kicking a ball, or throwing down a towel to take in the scenery of the planting in the park and have a picnic.


    This is one of our favourite parks in the whole of Sydney! It has a great local catchment between the heart of Dee Why and the beach, but it’s definitely worth a trip if you’re anywhere on the Northern Beaches.

    It’s full of play value for all ages and abilities. The facilities and features jam-packed in the space, including public toilets, shade sails, BBQs, picnic settings and seating options make it easy to plan a picnic on the grass and stay the day in comfort.

    Have a question or comment about the playground? Leave it below and we’ll get back to you!

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