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Trafalgar Park

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    Address: 16 Queens Parade, Newport NSW 2106
    Size: Local
    Ages: Children (0-5 years)
    Parking: Car park and street parking
    Coffee nearby? No 😢


    • Play equipment
    • Bushland feel
    • Wildlife
    • Natural shade

    The Park

    The park is located on the western side of Newport, across from Newport Public School.

    The playground consists of two main play units and some individual pieces. The play pieces are in need of an upgrade and run down to dirt, rather than any sort of impact attenuation, in parts of the play space.

    The blue combination unit is the typical old-style unit and includes various climbing variations, a tunnel and small slides.

    The second unit, painted bright yellow, has a taller slide with a climbing net to reach the top. A toddler swing is on the ground level.

    As well as the combination units, the park has an old-style swing set and individual spinner. There’s plenty of space to kick a ball around on the sloped site.

    With the two play units and individual equipment all separated from each other, the play pieces all feel a bit isolated. But there’s enough value collectively to plan a visit.

    The feeling in the park is calm amongst the native trees. There are a few bench seats and a seat table throughout the playground to sit in the natural shade and take it all in. We also saw some wildlife during our visit, spying some lizards and a kookaburra!


    The park is filled with natural shade, which is welcome on warm days. Keep your eyes peeled for kookaburras laughing amongst the trees too!

    Have a question or comment about the playground? Leave it below and we’ll get back to you!

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