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Thomas Hogan Reserve

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    Address: 140 Francis St, Bondi NSW 2026
    Size: Pocket
    Ages: Children (0-5 years)
    Parking: Yes
    Coffee nearby? Yes!


    • Embankment slides
    • Basket swing
    • Nature play
    • Wildlife

    The Park

    Thomas Hogan Reserve playground is located in the middle of the Eastern Suburbs’ urban sprawl between Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach.

    The main pieces of the playground are two embankment slides with hand grips to climb to the top, and a basket swing. The landscape architects who designed the playground would’ve faced many constraints with the slope and mature trees on the site. The embankment slides turn the natural slope into a strength with plenty of play value.

    Rubber wetpour is used around all the play items. An earthy brown mix and striking yellow mix have been used and look fantastic! The playground also receives an abundance of shade from the surrounding mature trees.

    A small nature play area with timber logs, steppers and balance beams has been included adjacent to the embankment slides. This is perfect in this natural setting and could be expanded through the park.

    There are two seating tables and a drinking fountain in the playground. The seating tables are a terrific choice to lounge on. They are also practical considering the main age group that uses the park – the seating tables have the versatility to double as a change table or elevated picnic spot.


    A reserve with such thick plantings of mature trees in the Eastern Suburbs is rare. It creates a calm and intimate atmosphere. The pocket playground design offers more to younger children and toddlers, but it’s a clever design for the site.

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