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Stephen Street Reserve

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    Address: Stephen St, Bondi NSW 2026
    Size: Local
    Ages: Children (0-5 years)
    Parking: Street parking
    Coffee nearby? Short walk


    • Play equipment
    • Cubby house
    • Embankment slide
    • Kickabout space

    The Park

    Stephen Street Reserve is a cute and colourful playground located in Bondi, between Bondi Road and Birrell Street.

    The equipment selected in the playground is geared towards toddlers and younger kids. The two main pieces are a cubby house nestled below trees, and (mini) embankment slide. These are great for developing imaginative, creative and physical play skills.

    The mini embankment slide is clever and works with the natural slope of the site. Brightly coloured handgrips are scattered along the embankment to help younger children get to the top. The embankment slide helps develop climbing and balancing skills.

    Other traditional equipment in the play space includes a kangaroo rocker, swing set and spinner. There’s also timber log balance beams at the top of the site.

    There are mature and semi-mature trees in the play space, which provide natural shade. The shrub plantings are mostly grasses and offer a sensory experience for kids to touch and feel.

    The playground has traditional bench seats with backrests at different points in the park. Sandstone log retaining walls also double as seating. But perhaps the best spot to sit is on the open grass area at the top of the reserve to take in some sun.

    The playground is not fenced, but garden beds border the park and give a buffer to the adjacent roads.

    With a short walk down to Bondi Road will give you options for cafes and food.


    We love the design and material palette used in this park. There’s lots of green with the grass, shrubs and trees, setting off the vibrant pink and red patterned rubber wetpour. The selection of sandstone logs for the retaining wall also suits the park perfectly.

    Have a question or comment about the playground? Leave it below and we’ll get back to you!

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