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Simpson Park Playground (St Peters Fences Playground)

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    Address: 69 Campbell Rd, St Peters NSW 2044
    Size: District
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years)
    Parking: Limited
    Coffee nearby? Short walk


    • Play equipment
    • Artistic
    • Shade sail
    • Parkour friendly
    • Kickabout space
    • Fully fenced


    • Public toilets
    • Drinking fountain
    • Barbecues

    The Park

    Located in St Peters, just west of Alexandria, is a wonderfully unique playground that only an artist could design! The play space is full of intrigue and made up of fences from salvaged materials, among other bits and pieces.

    The playground is a mix of traditional play pieces, repurposed play pieces, and other structures/sculptures that have been included in the play space and offer play value in a non-traditional way. Much of the design can be credited to artist Mike Hewson, who was commissioned for the project.

    The age range for the playground is broad, catering to toddlers through to older kids. However, one difficulty with younger kids in the playground is the limited visibility from afar due to the walls and structures that weave throughout the play space.

    A benefit of the wall and fence structures is that they provide a fantastic spot for kids to learn parkour.

    Traditional equipment favourites in the form of slides, swings, rockers, monkey bars and rope structures can all be found throughout the playground.

    Non-traditional elements like walls with foot grips to climb, fence panels to traverse and poles to balance on all provide unique play opportunities. They have been considered and used in a way that develops the same skills as ‘regular’ play equipment.

    Incorporating these sculptural and ‘industrial’ elements in the playground provide many benefits to a child’s skills. They teach kids to be creative in the space by finding new ways to play. It also helps them to assess risk and their own capability with items and materials that they might not be familiar with.

    Even the main path through the play space, dressed as concrete (but is actually softfall rubber) is not what it seems, making kids reassess their surroundings. The rest of the built play area is covered in mulch which helps soften the space.

    As well as the built play area, there is a modest nature play area included on the edge, providing additional play opportunities. It weaves through tree and grass plantings with an array of rock boulders, tree stumps and brick clumps set in mulch.

    To the north of the play space is a BBQ area under lovely natural shade. The space includes a double BBQ (with tap), picnic setting and bench seat on beautiful recycled brick pavers. It’s a nice spot to take in the scenery and break from the chaos!

    Other notable features and facilities included in the park to help make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable include a shade sail, plenty of natural tree shade, public toilets and a fence enclosing the playground (among the many fences within the play space!).

    Beyond the play space, Simpson Park also has a generous and flat grass area, cricket nets and a basketball hoop to make use of within the park.


    We love how unique this playground is – there’s nothing else truly like it! You’ll be amazed by how well the salvaged items are integrated into the playground, and even more amazed by the creative ways kids manage to find play value out of them!

    There are plenty of fantastic parks in the City and Alexandria area to check out, and this one is worth adding to the list! Another artist-inspired experience nearby is Waluba Park – Adventure Playground in Waterloo (both parks are very different, but worth a visit!).

    Have a question or comment about the playground? Leave it below and we’ll get back to you!

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