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Kalang Lane Reserve

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    Address: 6B Wonga Rd, Yowie Bay NSW 2228
    Size: District
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years)
    Parking: Yes!
    Coffee nearby? No 😢


    • Play equipment
    • Nature play
    • Shade sails
    • Bike track
    • Outdoor fitness equipment
    • Kickabout space


    • Public toilets
    • Drinking fountain

    The Park

    Kalang Lane Reserve is located in the residential streets of Yowie Bay, just up from Wonga Road Boat Ramp which leads into Port Hacking.

    The playground is full of play value, with something provided for all ages and abilities. With the ground surface finished in synthetic turf, it also rates well for accessibility as an inclusive playground.

    The main piece of the playground is the brightly coloured combination play unit that has a twist slide from the second story. From the ground level, the play unit has a shop front, stairs, a net climbing frame, climbing wall, and rope bridge to balance across to the slide. The mix of play pieces on the combination unit ticks a lot of boxes for play development including social, physical, imaginative and cognitive skills all being worked.

    Other equipment in the playground includes a small social spinner, embankment slide, climbing tee-pee cubby, double bay swing set with a basket swing and you-and-me swing seat. The you-and-me swing seat is a fantastic inclusive play piece. It helps develop social and emotional bonds between children and their parent/carer, as they can both use the swing at the same time while maintaining eye contact. It can be particularly valuable for children with disabilities because it provides additional support.

    At the top of the park, under the shade of the fantastic mature pine trees, is a decent-sized nature play area. It’s made up of timber and sandstone steppers and balance beams in mulch. The layout is set out in a circuit, allowing kids to challenge themselves to get from one side to the other.

    Down from the traditional play equipment, there is a concrete path that runs throughout the park, and even has small ‘speed humps’. It’s only a relatively small park, but this is perfect for small bikes, scooters, roller blades or skateboards.

    The park has been well-thought with features to help you stay longer in comfort. The majority of the play space is covered in a large shade sail. There are also different kinds of seating placed throughout the park, including picnic settings (perfect for families!), a drinking fountain and a fully accessible toilet block.

    Finally, there is also outdoor fitness equipment added to the park. The selection is a variety of static pieces (perfect for beginner calisthenics workouts!) on synthetic grass, matching the play space. A benefit of the equipment selected is that it can also cater to older users of the park for intergenerational opportunities.


    This is one of our favourite playgrounds in Sutherland Shire! It’s a clever playground design that works with the natural topography and character of the site, shown with the embankment slide and nature play around the existing pine trees.

    As well as that, it has something for a range of ages and abilities with the play unit, nature play, kids’ bike track, shade sails, public toilet block and outdoor fitness equipment.

    Have a question or comment about the playground? Leave it below and we’ll get back to you!

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