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Inglis Park (Newmarket Playground)

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    Address: 164 Barker St, Randwick NSW 2031
    Size: Destination
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years) Young adults
    Parking: Limited
    Coffee nearby? Yes!


    • Play equipment
    • Fenced
    • Natural shade
    • Unique and custom


    • Drinking fountain
    • Barbeques

    The Park

    Inglis Park, also known as Newmarket Playground and the Sales Ring Playground, is a highly celebrated playground, and it’s easy to see why! It’s located in the Newmarket development (CBUS Property) in Randwick, which collects the catchment of nearby destinations like the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick Racecourse, Randwick Boys and Randwick Girls Highschool, UNSW, and Randwick Plaza.

    The playground was designed by Arcadia Landscape Architects, who picked up a swag of awards for the project! A notable award is the 2021 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) NSW Award of Excellence for Play Spaces. They’ve managed to showcase the rich racing and thoroughbred industry of the site. This is evident with the original sales ring structure salvaged and made into a feature of the new play space.

    The new playground has something for all ages and abilities, but the most striking piece of equipment is the twist slides right in the centre! The play space falls under the old sales ring structure, painted in a striking blue, and also spills out beyond the footprint.

    The ground floor is covered in a brightly coloured pattern of softfall rubber, which is excellent for accessibility. There is a social spinner, talk tubes, swings (including a basket swing), tunnels, steps, walls, junior to climb, and net climbing structures all on the ground level!

    The ropes (including a net tunnel!), steps, ramp, and climbing equipment take you up to the elevated platform level. From this level, there’s only one way to get to the peak of the playground – the twist slides! To get to the top, you must climb up an elevated rope net structure. The reward for doing so is the twist slides at the finish line. Having two slides instead of one has the added social benefit of allowing kids to race to the bottom!

    There is so much play value that kids will never get bored! The park excels at integrating physical, social, and imaginative play into the space. In fact, the park is even lit at night with feature lighting allowing you to extend your stay.

    Another feature of Inglis Park (Newmarket Playground) is the Morton Bay fig tree which is over 130 years old! It’s central to the park and manages to shade an enormous amount of space. A raised timber deck with seating has been incorporated under the fig to lounge and admire the tree and play space.

    There is a generous seating area equipped with BBQs and long tables to the north of the playground, scross from the Newmarket retail and dining precinct. The tables and bench seats are made from a mix of formed in-situ concrete and recycled timber from the old stable buildings and provide a spot to slow down from the fast-paced playground. Brick pavers have been salvaged and reused, and a frame shade structure filters light through.

    The playground is fenced for safety along Yarramann Avenue. A buffer of low planting, turf, and seating areas surround the other sides of the playground, providing protection from adjoining roads.

    Finally, the space also has quiet and secluded pockets of space for contemplation. There is also an expansive flat grass kickabout space next to the playground that’s perfect for kicking a ball or lounging in the sun.

    Inglis Park Inglis Park (Newmarket Playground), Randwick complements the classic go-to beach playgrounds in the Eastern Suburbs like Grant Reserve (Coogee), Bronte Playground, and Bondi Beach Playground, but offers a point of difference.


    There is so much play value in this playground! The selection of equipment caters to all, with some real hero pieces that set the playground apart from the rest! The dual twisted slides are the perfect reward for climbing all the way to the top of the unit.

    Re-using and integrating features, especially the Moreton Bay fig tree and sales ring structure, make this park truly unique and a must-see playground for all ages!

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