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Grant Reserve Playground (Stan Windon Memorial Playground)

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    Address: 151-191R Beach St, Coogee NSW 2034
    Size: District
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years)
    Parking: Yes!
    Coffee nearby? Yes!


    • Play equipment
    • Adventure rope climbing tower
    • Shade sails
    • Beach views


    • Public toilets
    • Drinking fountain
    • Barbecues

    The Park

    Grant Reserve Playground (Stan Windon Memorial Playground) is located part-way up the hill, south of Coogee Beach. As a result, you’re exposed to some truly stunning views of the ocean, Coogee Beach and beyond. The playground is also adjacent to the path that directs the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk, giving you an excuse to visit!

    The park is a good size, and it needs to be due to the popularity of the location. Being close to Coogee Beach, the playground has a nautical theme with a play boat and interpretive ocean-themed pieces found throughout the play space. It is most suitable for younger kids and toddlers, but there is equipment to cater to older kids too.

    The play equipment in the park includes pieces made from thick timber logs. This includes the deck at the top of the play space that’s filled with play panels for younger kids, brightly painted totem poles and a triple bay swing set.

    Other traditional equipment in the junior area of the playground includes a climbing wall, single spinner, triple bay swing set, raised sandpit (out of action during our visit), three small embankment slides placed next to each other, and embankment scramble with hand grips.

    We like the idea of putting the slides next to each other, especially some with double slides. It lets kids race from the top to the bottom!

    For older kids, there’s the adventure play area towards the bottom of the park. It includes a humungous rope climbing tower, which is always popular. Next to the tower is a ring social spinner. This is a great and fairly unique piece of equipment that multiple children can use at once and challenge themselves depending on their capability by sitting/standing on it.

    For a coastal beach playground, Grant Reserve Playground (Stan Windon Memorial Playground) does a good job of providing shade and protection from the elements. There are shade sails that manage to cover the majority of the play space. As well as this, the park is fortunate to include lots of mature trees that provide additional shade.

    The trees are integrated into the play space and can be used for simple nature play. A final, but important, benefit of the thick planting of trees is that they act as a barrier to the adjacent road. The playground is not enclosed, so the trees and garden beds offer some protection.

    There are BBQs and drinking fountains located in the playground, making it easy to wander up for a family picnic on a beach day. Added for comfort and practicality, there are toilets located to the south of the playground.

    At the top of the hill, to the south of the playground, there is a large open grass space as part of Grant Reserve. It’s perfect for kicking a ball or running around.


    This has to be one of our favourite beach playgrounds in the Eastern Suburbs! The playground is a good size with plenty of open space for kids to run around. The climbing net structure is also a highlight and provides children with something to climb and hang from!

    Have a question or comment about the playground? Leave it below and we’ll get back to you!

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