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Fitzpatrick Park Playground

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    Address: 25 Day Ave, Kensington NSW 2033
    Size: Pocket
    Ages: Children (0-5 years)
    Parking: Street parking
    Coffee nearby? No 😢


    • Play equipment
    • Kickabout space
    • Natural shade
    • Fully fenced play area

    The Park

    Fitzpatrick Park Playground is located in the quiet residential streets of Kensington. Younger kids and toddlers will get the most value from the park, but the shaded grass space is perfect to unwind.

    The main play unit of the playground is older-style, but it has a good amount of play value. It consists of platforms at various heights that ultimately lead to a slide at the end. There are lots of ways to climb to different platforms, and a balance bridge as well.

    Other individual play items in the play space are an old-style see-saw, kangaroo rocker and old-style swing set. No basket swing, unfortunately.

    At the edge of the playspace are three horizontal pull-up bars at different heights. They don’t offer much play value to kids but are good for stretching and exercising for adults and the elderly.

    Mature shade trees are the greatest attraction to the park. They’re spread nicely and offer canopy shade to the majority of the space. But there is still enough room on the grass to kick a ball or run around.

    There’s only limited furniture and seating in the park. There is a picnic setting nicely placed under a mature tree within the play space, and other bench seats spaced throughout the park. Perhaps the best spot to sit and rest is under the shade on the grass area.

    The playground is fully fenced, which can make looking after more than one child at a time *slightly* more manageable.


    The open grass space is grand in size and well-shaded from the lovely mature trees. It can be used as a kickabout space, for throwing down a towel and lounging about, or for having a quiet picnic with the kids.

    If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous and suitable for older kids nearby, Wulaba Park – Adventure Playground, Waterloo is our pick!

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