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Dunningham Park (North Cronulla Beach)

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    Address: Kingsway & Elouera Rd, Cronulla NSW 2230
    Size: Local
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years)
    Parking: Yes!
    Coffee nearby? Yes!


    • Beach
    • Play equipment
    • Seats and furniture
    • Kickabout space
    • Partially fenced


    • Public toilets
    • Kiosk

    The Park

    The playground is located on the gorgeous North Cronulla Foreshore. Due to this, it has access to a range of facilities shared with the beach, including parking, a kiosk, toilets and park furniture.

    The bright colours used in the playground are what first stand out. It’s made up of older-style equipment, with a combination unit as the main piece. Younger children and toddlers will get the most value out of the equipment, but children up to about 11 years should be able to discover something to play with.

    The main combination unit is filled with ladders, steps, ropes and a climbing wall to access the raised platforms of the structure. Additionally, there’s a climbing frame for older kids, and play panels and shop fronts on the ground level for creative play.

    Away from the main unit, there are two swing bays. These hang four older-style single swings (no basket swings, unfortunately!).

    The entire play space is covered in bright wet pour rubber. This is fantastic for accessibility and creates interest with the different colours and patterns designed with the material.

    North Cronulla Beach is a popular spot. Prepare for it to be busy during your visit, depending on timing. There’s a large grass area next to the play space that works as a breakout space. It’s perfect for kicking a ball during quieter times, lounging, or having a picnic to take in the scenery and extend your stay.

    Traditional furniture is placed throughout the park, and a low wall doubles as seating. The wall is brightly painted with an ocean theme, which works next to the beach. Other facilities to help make your visit more comfortable include a kiosk and public toilets, as part of the Life Saving Club.

    The playground is partially fenced, with fencing running along the busy Elouera Road side.


    There’s so much to discover around Dunningham Park (North Cronulla Beach), with the play space being central to local restaurants, North Cronulla Beach and the North Cronulla Life Saving Club pools.

    We also love the natural shade from the mature pine and palm trees, and the colourful artwork on the seating wall.

    Have a question or comment about the playground? Leave it below and we’ll get back to you!

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