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Castelnau Street Reserve

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    Address: 2 Castelnau St, Caringbah South NSW 2229
    Size: Local
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years)
    Parking: Yes!
    Coffee nearby? Yes!


    • Play equipment
    • Sand play
    • Water play (pump)
    • Bike path
    • Shade sail

    The Park

    Just next to Caringbah Scouts Hall, Castelnau Street Reserve has a brilliant bike track around the park and a sensory experience with water and sand to interact with.

    The play space is split into two zones separated by level. The upper level is suited to older kids (5-11 years) with a frame full of balancing and climbing challenges. There’s also an older style swing set to try out.

    The bottom area is aimed at younger kids and toddlers (0-5 years). It has a mini combination play unit with a slide, junior swing set and sensory equipment with a water pump.

    The entire play space is covered in sand. It provides a bunch of benefits other than just creating a beach theme. It has good impact attenuation when falling to the ground, even though it’s a junior playground. But our favourite benefit of using sand in the play space is that it offers a different texture to interact with to develop sensory skills. When you add water to the mix from the water pump, the learning and play value is even greater!

    The park has a generous and flat kickabout space next to the play space. It’s great for lounging or kicking a ball.

    Between the play space and grass area is a path that runs around the perimeter of the park, which is perfect for bikes, scooters, rollerblades and skateboards. The bike loop ends up being about 180m long, which is a nice size for kids.

    A large shade sail covers the entire lower toddler area of the park. We noticed provisions with poles in place to cover the upper area too, but there was no shade sail covering the upper area during our visit.

    There is no shortage of seating options in the park. There are traditional standard bench seats placed throughout the park, some colourful steel stumps and the retaining wall can act as a seating wall in the lower play area.

    The playground is not fenced, with only a small buffer between the equipment and car park/local roads.


    The selection of sand in the playground is perfect for this play space. It’s protected with shade sails and set back from trees, which prevents leaf litter and debris from becoming a burden to maintain. But the benefits and play opportunities of playing with sand are endless!

    The bike path is also worth a mention!

    Have a question or comment about the playground? Leave it below and we’ll get back to you!

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