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Bundock Park Playground (Clovelly Beach Playground)

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    Address: 3/25R Eastbourne Ave, Clovelly NSW 2031
    Size: Local
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years)
    Parking: Yes
    Coffee nearby? Yes!


    • Play equipment
    • Shade sails
    • Beach


    • Public Toilets

    The Park

    Bundock Park Playground (Clovelly Beach Playground) is adjacently west of Clovelly Beach. Clovelly Beach is great for kids and families since the swell is usually gentle and perfect for paddling and learning how to swim.

    A small play boat and colourful dolphin rocker carry the beach theme into the playground. These pieces are terrific for younger kids and toddlers to develop social and creative play skills.

    The main combination unit is compact, but offers a lot of play value with netting and platforms to climb, monkey bars, a fireman’s pole and slide. A basket swing is also at the front of the park (and is perfect for lounging in to take in the view on quiet days!).

    We love the bright colours of blues and a striking orange that is patterned in the rubber wetpour. The entire play space and adjacent round seating area are covered in rubber wetpour which is fantastic for accessibility.

    We identify the adjacent seating area as an ideal space to expand the footprint of the playground. But it also works as a breakout space during busy summer days.

    There is a bench seat with a backrest in the play space. As well as that, a retaining wall borders the playground and is ideal for sitting.

    A welcome addition to the playground is the shade sails that manage to cover most of the playground.

    There are some great cafes nearby, and depending on the age and capability of your kids, Bundock Park Playground could be a pitstop along the Coastal Walk.


    The view of Clovelly Beach is ever-present from the playground and is an obvious highlight. As well as that, we love the colourful wetpour rubber and style of equipment chosen in the playground.

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