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Bruce Bartlett Reserve Inclusive Playground (Collaroy Beach Playground)

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    Address: 10 Birdwood Ave, Collaroy NSW 2097
    Size: District
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years), young people (12-25 years)
    Parking: Metred and street
    Coffee nearby? Yes!


    • Inclusive playground
    • Fully fenced
    • Nature play
    • Custom sculpture/play pieces
    • Kickabout space
    • Beach


    • Public toilets
    • Barbecues
    • Drinking fountain

    The Park

    Bruce Bartlett Reserve (Collaroy Beach Playground) is located next to Collaroy Beach, with different parking and bus options available to access.

    There are two main pieces of play equipment at each end of the park, and plenty to explore in between! On the eastern beach side is the main combination play unit. It has panels, including a shop front on the ground level, toddler slide, and taller twist slide on the upper platform. On the other side of the park is a large climbing dome, perfect for older kids.

    The park also includes springers, a spinning cup, triple bay swing set and Liberty Swing. The Liberty Swing is hidden in the corner, and while it is accessible, we feel the park could’ve selected a piece more inclusive to the overall layout.

    There isn’t a dedicated nature play area in the playground, but there are pockets scattered throughout the park for kids to interact with on the run. A lot of the play equipment and furniture is made from timber too, which softens the overall look.

    The playground includes some terrific items that are not commonly found, like musical play and water play (from a water pump). The water play in particular has great detail in the carved sandstone boulders, allowing children to study how the water trickles down from the water pump to the ground. These are great inclusions to develop sensory, cognitive and social skills.

    The play space is quite exposed to the sun, especially to the east. There are some tree plantings in the park that provide some shade and the inclusion of shade sails throughout the playground are well considered. Make sure to slip, slop and slap on your visit!

    With the playground aiming to be inclusive, it does a terrific job. Most of the ground surface is finished in a hard surface, like timber decking, concrete, wet pour rubber or synthetic grass allowing for wheelchairs and people with disabilities to move through the park.

    There’s a range of different furniture options within the park, allowing parents and carers to stay. The park is also fully fenced, which is a plus for safety and accessibility.

    Around the playground, there are facilities helping families to stay longer at the beach in comfort. There are public toilets at Collaroy Beach, a great selection of cafes nearby, as well as drinking fountains and BBQs all within the vicinity.

    If you keep your eyes peeled, you might even see some surfers at Collaroy Beach if you’re lucky!


    We love beach playgrounds because if done well, they can provide a fantastic opportunity to plan a day around (especially at one as beautiful as Collaroy Beach!). Bruce Bartlett Reserve (Collaroy Beach Playground) does this perfectly. You can feel safe with the park being fully fenced, and there’s something for all ages in this inclusive playground.

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