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Bronte Park (Bronte Beach Playground)

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    Address: Bronte Park NSW 2024
    Size: District
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years)
    Parking: Limited
    Coffee nearby? Yes!


    • Play equipment
    • Miniature train ride
    • Shaded picnic shelters
    • Shade sails
    • kickabout space
    • Dog off-leash area
    • Beach


    • Public toilets
    • Drinking fountain
    • Barbecues
    • Kiosk

    The Park

    The playground in Bronte Park is located to the west of the stunning Bronte Beach. Being part of the greater park, the playground has access to a range of facilities including public toilets, barbecues, shaded picnic shelters, a kiosk, a dog off-leash area (refer to Waverley Council for the latest rules and regulations and map here), Bronte Baths and even a miniature train ride!

    The play space was designed by Landscape Architects at Waverley Council, with equipment mostly by Moduplay. There are two main play units and a variety of play equipment pieces, as you’d expect in a district level playground. On the side closest to the beach is a junior play unit, most suitable for younger kids and toddlers. It is placed in sand for impact attenuation, but has the added benefit of being another sensory texture to interact with. As well as the combination unit with slide, there is a junior swing and spring rockers.

    Also placed in the junior area is a striking bespoke starfish art piece by Lloyd Keleman. A suite of similar mosaic pieces can be found at neighbouring Eastern Suburbs playground,  Biddigal Reserve, North Bondi (definitely worth checking out!).

    When you wander further down the concrete path, you’ll find the larger castle-theme play unit, aimed at older kids. It’s a timber structure made up of bridges, platforms and rope nets to progress to the slide at the top of the unit. The play unit offers plenty of social and physical play opportunities for a child’s development.

    Complementing the play units is a double bay swing set, monkey bars, rope hammock, play boat, large rope twister and embankment slide with rubber wet pour scramble. The embankment slide is always a favourite amongst kids of all ages and works well with the natural slope of the site.

    The playground is not fenced, but it is set back from main roads and the beach. Garden beds border the play space and do a good job of creating a secure area in the park. The planting and garden beds extend through the play space and create a lush feel and offer nature play opportunities.

    Bronte Park is full of features and facilities to help make your visit comfortable, even for the whole day. The junior play area has protection with shade sails over the equipment. There are no shade sails over other parts of the playground, but there are trees placed throughout that provide some relief.

    Next to the playground are shaded picnic huts spread throughout the park. Between the huts are barbecues, making it a great spot to picnic by the beach. As you move closer towards the beach, you’ll find plenty of open grass spaces to throw down a towel for a picnic or kick a ball around. Closest to Bronte Beach is where you’ll find the public toilets, kiosk and Bronte Baths.

    Something truly unique to Bronte Park is the miniature train ride, located near the beach. It’s been running since 1947 and is definitely worth a ride if you’re visiting the park!

    Finally, there is a dog off-leash area in Bronte Park. Refer to the Waverley Council website for rules and regulations (including specifics around the playground).


    It’s hard not to love everything that Bronte Park has to offer! It boasts Bronte Beach, one of the prettiest beaches in the Eastern Suburbs, Bronte Baths, a miniature train ride, and a fully equipped playground!

    The playground has plenty of shade and enough variety to cater to a variety of ages and abilities. As well as the main play units, the embankment slide is a highlight that makes the most of the natural topography of the site.

    For their own battle of the beaches, Bondi Beach Playground is another district level playground in the east to add to the list!

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