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Bondi Beach Playground

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    Address: Bondi Beach NSW 2026
    Size: District
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years)
    Parking: Paid
    Coffee nearby? Yes!


    • Play equipment
    • Fully fenced
    • Shaded picnic shelters
    • Shade sails
    • Skate park
    • Outdoor fitness equipment
    • Beach


    • Public toilets
    • Drinking fountain
    • Accessible barbeques
    • Kiosk (Bondi Pavilion)

    The Park

    Placed next to Australia’s most iconic beach, Bondi Beach is a fully fenced playground to match. The play space is full of different pieces of equipment to develop various play skills.

    Being part of Bondi Beach Park, the playground has access to a range of other features. These include public toilets, a kiosk as part of the newly upgraded Bondi Pavilion, outdoor fitness equipment, a skate park, beach pools (Wally Weeks Tidal Pool and Children’s Wading Pool), the beautiful beach, and an additional playground (Biddigal Reserve) to the north of the park.

    The playground is made up of three main combination units, with pockets of play in between. The combination unit closest to Campbell Parade was recently upgraded by Waverley Council with equipment by Moduplay. The upgrade includes a lot of inclusive play principles that broadens the user group for the playground. Overall, most of the play equipment is aimed at younger kids and toddlers.

    The upgraded play unit is placed in colourful softball rubber with a bridge boardwalk that leads to the first platform. The unit also includes play panels, a shop front and a small slide. A shade sail covers the entire new play unit, which is perfect in the coastal environment.

    The two play units closest to the beach are an older style, but still provide plenty of play value. They’re placed in a mix of sand and softball rubber. Sand is a great impact attenuation material to use because it provides another sensory material for kids to interact with (and it works well with the beach theme!). The play units both offer a slide to progress to with various routes to get to the top including ladders and climbing panels.

    There are even more individual pieces of equipment spread throughout the play space including a triple bay swing set, double see-saw, single cup spinner, a shipwreck structure in sand, and boulders for incidental play opportunities. In such a busy spot, this playground does a great job of creating pockets of space for quiet and solo play amongst the chaos!

    As well as the traditional play equipment, the playground also includes nature play and a collection of outdoor musical play instruments. The nature play incorporates progressive challenge, sharpening kids’ decision-making and physical ability by progressing through a range of challenges. This is done by changing the height and spacing of logs and steppers in the mulch area. There are also some fantastic wood-carved creatures to interact with!

    There are four outdoor musical instrument pieces in the quartet ensemble made up of a cadenza (xylophone), babel drum, chimes and congas. The benefits of introducing children to musical instruments are endless and help develop physical, emotional, imaginative and cognitive skills, among others.

    As part of the recent playground upgrade, two new BBQs were installed next to the play space. These are fully accessible and boast one of the best views in the Eastern Suburbs to cook from! There are plenty of shaded huts, including inside the fenced play area, to rest or plan a picnic. For a less formal stay, there’s no shortage of traditional bench seats throughout the park either.

    Additional to the playground, Bondi Park also hosts one of the best skateparks in Sydney and a good-sized outdoor gym filled with a range of static equipment. The benefit of static outdoor fitness equipment is the ability for users to progress from beginner calisthenics workouts right through to more advanced.

    As a battle of the beaches in the East, Bronte Park is another district level playground worth checking out!


    Bondi Beach is the most iconic beach in Australia. Consequently, it’s full of features and facilities to encourage you to stay the day and experience all it has to offer in comfort. This includes the playground, outdoor gym, skate park, pools, Bondi Pavilion and of course, the beach!

    Focussing on Bondi Beach Playground – we love the newest upgrade to the play space. It’s a great addition that increases play value to a greater range of abilities. We also love the musical play elements as they provide a fun opportunity to develop a range of thinking skills, including cognitive functioning.

    With Bondi Beach being such a vibrant area of activities, the fenced playground acts as a much-needed contained space for kids.

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