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Berry Reserve Playground

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    Address: 1054 Pittwater Rd, Narrabeen NSW 2101
    Size: District
    Ages: Children (0-5 years; 5-11 years), young people (12-25 years)
    Parking: Metred and street
    Coffee nearby? Yes!


    • Castle theme
    • Train/tram theme
    • Fully fenced
    • Nature play
    • Custom sculpture/play pieces
    • WOW factor
    • Outdoor fitness equipment
    • Half-court basketball


    • Public toilets
    • Barbecues
    • Drinking fountain

    The Park

    Berry Reserve Playground is located right next to Narrabeen Lagoon. There is parking for the playground, and easy to get to by bus. It’s full of natural materials with equipment and sculptures by Play Worksop.

    If you enter the playground from the southern entrance, you’ll be met with a moat and timber drawbridge to get through the gate. This sets the scene for one of the main themes of the playground. Upon entering, a two-story castle combination unit is the hero piece of the playground. It has play panels on the ground floor, a ramp to enter, a toddler slide and twisty tunnel slide from the second story.

    Away from the castle and medieval theme, a tram/train theme is present on the eastern side of the park. The themes are completely different and offer different experiences, but they work well together in the playground (who’d have thought?!). The tram/train theme is full of creative and social play opportunities with shop fronts and a replica tram station.

    Other traditional equipment in the park is a swing set, rocker, cognitive piece and in-ground trampolines.

    The playground incorporates pockets of nature play through the park. The main nature play area includes timber steppers, posts and a balance beam designed to give children a progressive challenge. There’s also some musical play disguised in the nature play area!

    Scattered throughout the park are a number of sculpture and art play pieces. The carved sandstone crocodile is a favourite, but you’ll also find an intricate sun central piece, frog, owl, totem poles, art wall and eggs. As well as looking great as bespoke pieces, these provide different finishes for children to feel and interact with to develop sensory skills. A chalkboard finish is also painted on part of the wall for creative play.

    There is a good variety of furniture in the playground to give you comfort while supervising. There are standard suite bench seats, picnic tables and seating tables to lounge on. The design also includes seating walls, and a terrific timber ring seat around one of the trees in the playground.

    The playground is fortunate to have a number of mature trees, including some seriously impressive date palms! These provide character to the park and also shade. There are parts of the park that will get unavoidable direct sunlight, but there are plenty of areas where you’re able to take shade.

    From an accessibility point of view, the playground rates well. The playground, other than the nature play areas, is covered in a hard surface i.e. rubber wetpour, concrete, paving or timber decking. These finishes are inclusive and allow a wheelchair to move through easily and make the most of the play equipment.

    Another big plus for the design and accessibility is that the playground is entirely fenced.

    Outside of the fenced playground, there are plenty of other facilities including a toilet block, drinking fountain and BBQs. For more fun and activities, there’s a basketball half-court and outdoor gym equipment between the playground and lagoon. The outdoor fitness park has a range of static equipment for beginner calisthenics workouts, through to more advanced.

    We should also mention that Narrabeen Lagoon is a great place to hire a kayak or paddle board, ride a bike, or run around the Lagoon Trail and see some wildlife!


    As you can probably tell – there’s so much we like about this playground! It’s in a fantastic location, next to Narrabeen Lagoon and with no shortage of cafes around. But the attention to detail in executing the park themes and play sculpture pieces really set the playground apart! If you need an excuse to visit Narrabeen (unlikely!), a visit to Berry Reserve Playground can fit the bill.

    Have a question or comment about the playground? Leave it below and we’ll get back to you!

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