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Alby Smith Memorial Reserve Playground

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    Address: 45/47R Dolphin St, Coogee NSW 2034
    Size: Local
    Ages: Children (0-5 years, 5-11 years)
    Parking: Street parking
    Coffee nearby? Short walk


    • Flying fox
    • Embankment slide
    • Shade sail
    • Fully fenced

    The Park

    Alby Smith Memorial Reserve Playground is a fully fenced linear playground in the local streets of Coogee, set back from Coogee Beach.

    The play space is split into two main zones, with an embankment slide in between. On the Coogee Beach-side, there is junior play equipment in softfall rubber. It includes a small play unit with a ladder to climb and reach the top of the slide, and a climbing net to the side. For more physical play, there are two older-style swings next to the play unit. The whole junior play area is well-shaded with shade sails above.

    Up from the junior play area is an embankment slide and hill to climb up with colourful handgrips. The slide is under a shade sail, but it does catch direct sunlight at different times of the day. The handgrips in rubber softfall provide a great challenge to get to the top!

    On the Randwick-side of the playground is a cable flying fox that is almost 20m long! It’s a popular piece of equipment and works well with the sloping site – allowing kids (and adults!) to really build up some speed!

    Planting is limited inside the playground, but there are some fantastic mature trees along the nature strip bordering the park. They manage to provide additional shade throughout the day.

    There are standard bench seats with backrests placed throughout the play space to watch from. Most are under shade. Additionally, there is a seat table in the junior play area, which is handy and doubles as a changing table if needed.

    The playground is fully fenced which gives some peace of mind when kids inevitably race from one end of the park to the other.

    With a short walk down to Coogee Beach, there are plenty of cafe options to choose from. If you’re after a larger playground in Coogee with more variety and adventure elements, Grant Reserve Playground (Stan Windon Memorial Playground) is nearby and worth checking out!


    The cable flying fox is definitely a highlight of the playground! They are not common in local playgrounds because of the space required to make them worthwhile. But it’s a perfect addition to this linear park on a sloped site.

    Also working with the slope of the site is the embankment slide, which is another highlight.

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